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The Grainless Baker is a Gluten Free Bakery that was founded out of passion and necessity. We provide great tasting gluten and wheat free foods for individuals suffering from Celiac Sprue or for those wishing to maintain a gluten and/or wheat free diet. The type of products offered expands with new recipes, but the staple categories include bread, rolls, bagels, muffins, pastries, cookies, cakes and fillings.


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The effects of caffeine on your health

The effects of caffeine on your health

Tea and coffee are on the lists of the most healthy drinks in the world today. A majority of these drinks contain a substance known as caffeine. This element can be good for your metabolism and the performance of your brain and your body. Extensive research done over the years shows that caffeine is a good substance as long as you take it moderately. Below are some of the effects that caffeine has on your health.

Adverse effects of caffeine

Brings about anxiety

The more caffeine you take, the more alert you become. This effect is brought about by its ability to lessen the effects of a chemical in your brain called adenosine which is responsible for making you tired. This is a good effect although an increase in the intake of caffeine will heighten these effects and that is going to bring about anxiety. High amounts of caffeine will make you nervous and quite jittery. If you are the type that loves tea and coffee, ensure you take in moderate amounts.


Keeping you awake and alert is a quality of caffeine that most people love because they take it when they need to study or at work during one of those lazy afternoons. The adverse effect, however, is that too much of it will make it difficult for you to sleep when you want to. It is advisable to take caffeine in moderate amounts to avoid insomnia.


Enough research has been done to ascertain the fact that caffeine does not bring about strokes or heart disease, at least not in most people. Caffeine, however, can increase blood pressure because it stimulates the nervous system. High blood pressure is one of the markers for strokes and even heart disease as it damages the arteries and makes it difficult for blood to get to the heart as well as the brain. The good thing about caffeine is that it does not have a permanent effect on blood pressure though it is advisable to keep its consumption minimal.


Caffeine found in coffee and tea greatly heightens the level of energy in your system. It is, however, worth noting that the opposite effect happens and you could be left fatigued after the caffeine is out of your system. You become increasingly alert upon consumption but quite fatigued the following day or after a couple of hours. The best thing you can do is to minimize the amount you take.…

The effects of alcohol on your health

The effects of alcohol on your health

The worst things that can happen as a result of consumption of alcohol to most people’s knowledge are terrible road accidents and liver cirrhosis. What most people don’t understand is that alcohol is the gateway to so many other illnesses that catch up with your body in the long run. Research indicates that there are well over 60 conditions that come about as a result of heavy drinking.

Effects of alcohol


If you indulge in heavy drinking, some erythrocytes in your blood that carry oxygen are likely to become less than what the body requires. The result of this is that you will start to feel light-headed and you begin losing your breath after short walks and mild exercises. After a while, fatigue catches up with you. This is known as anemia, and the risk of ever having this condition can be reduced by cutting down your alcohol intake or never drinking at all.

Risk of cancer

People who drink more often have a greater chance of getting cancer than those who do not. Scientists have conducted multiple experiments to ascertain this, and it is seen that the body converts alcoholic drinks to a substance known as acetaldehyde which is a carcinogen. Users of alcohol are at risk of getting cancer of the liver, throat, mouth and the breast. The risk is even much higher for those who use tobacco.

Heart disease

The fact that drinking alcohol leads to heart disease should be very alarming seeing as heart disease is claiming lives at an alarming rate all over the world. When you take alcohol frequently, and in large amounts, your platelets will begin to form clots by clumping. A study conducted within the last decade showed that if you take alcohol and you had previously suffered a heart attack, you double the possibility of death. You increase the chances of getting cardiomyopathy which is a hazardous condition that weakens the muscles of the heart to the point of failure.

Liver cirrhosis

This situation comes about as a result of heavy drinking. What happens is that the liver is weakened and damaged till it cannot perform its functions efficiently anymore. Women are more at risk of getting liver cirrhosis though research is yet to explain why. Cirrhosis is a very unpredictable condition because there are people who drink in minimal amount who have suffered from it way before the heavy drinkers.…