Features of Good Goalie Gloves

Goalie gloves are one of the most important items for a goalkeeper. While they may not be a requirement for a soccer game, they come in handy especially when the goalie needs to stop those long and hot shots. A goalkeeper mostly uses the hands more than they do their feet, for this reason, they will need to ensure they protect their hands the best way they can. Just like the other players need protection for their feet, a goalkeeper needs to protect his hands as well.

Goalie gloves help offer a goalkeeper a better grip on the ball which prevents it from sliding from their hand s especially when they need to stop those super shots. It also protects their hands from injuries that might result from handling a ball with bare hands like the sores. Gloves act as a cushion to the goalkeeper’s palms and fingers against the injuries that might result from the impact of stopping a ball.

Before buying a pair of gloves, it is important to have in mind several important factors. Some of these include:


goalkeeper glove4

Good Fit

Good goalie gloves are those that will fit perfectly. They need not be too tight that they will lead to more injuries than protection. They also should not be too loose that they fall off the hands. A good fit is that which allows some space just enough to move your fingers and ensure that they are comfortable.



Goalie gloves are all about protecting the hands of a goalkeeper. For this reason, they should be well-padded to protect their palms from possible injuries. Well-padded gloves can absorb the impact that results from stopping a shot.The pads should, however, comply with the football rules.


Good grip

Other than protection, the other important reason for having gloves on I to ensure that one has a good grip on the ball. This helps the ball not to slide off his hands. Good gloves should have slightly rough patches, especially on the palms to ensure that one can grip a ball.


goalkeeper glove5


Good gloves are those that have good absorbent qualities. This is mainly important for those that have sweaty hands. Good gloves should be able to absorb sweat from the hands of the goalkeeper as this helps to keep his hands dry for a great grip. Sweaty hands may not be able to have a firm grip on the ball.

The above are some of the many features that you should look for when buying a pair of gloves. Many shops sell sporting gear which is a good place to start when looking for good gloves. There are also many online websites that you may visit and buy from. Before buying gloves, ensure that the website sells authentic goods as there is no way to verify the purchase online. One of the reputable brands that you may consider buying from is Elite. They have some good offers and amazing discounts that you may enjoy.